Rubbish Removal Perth WA

If your yard is looking a bit untidy, with scraps of rubbish lying around – either general items or garden waste – and the thought of sacrificing your Saturday to clean it up isn’t appealing to you, the answer is easy – call us at Jim’s Mowing.

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We can complete your waste removal and do all the hard work for you so that when Saturday afternoon rolls around, you’ll have a backyard you can enjoy and no nagging about garden chores will be required.

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Don’t get your hands dirty or risk battle scars trying to get those pesky branches into a trailer. There’s also no need to hop onto or into your wheelie bin to cram in just one more bag of rubbish. Let us clean up your garden and take the refuse and green waste with us, so your bin isn’t full before the weekend even begins.

At Jim’s Mowing, we do more than just mow – whatever your garden needs we have a cost-effective and time-effective answer. Get rid of the guilt and start enjoying your garden today.

If you haven’t had a barbeque in your yard in ages or your kids are spending too much time in front of the computer because the backyard path has disappeared, call us today and, in no time at all, you’ll be enjoying your garden for all it has to offer.

There are many things that can make your yard look unsightly, and most of these qualify as rubbish. From items that have been taken out of your home because you have no place to dispose of them, to things that have been in your garden for years yet you don’t use. After a while, you may find that you’re overwhelmed with refuse, and rather than clearing it, you allow it to pile up.

Jim’s Mowing can come to your rescue, helping you to painlessly and effectively clear up all the unwanted waste that you have accumulated outside your home. There is no item that is too big or too small for us to clear away. We are able to offer fast and efficient eco-friendly solutions for all your rubbish, ensuring that we keep the environment clean as we tidy up the refuse.

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Green Waste

Green waste from your garden can include trees, plant and bush prunings; grass and flower clippings; leaves and branches and other biodegradable waste. If they’re left to accumulate they can become breeding grounds for dangerous insects, as well as other pests like rodents or snakes. Whenever we do any gardening work for you, we ensure that we properly dispose of all the green waste and remove it from your property.

Hard Waste

Hard waste includes plastics, wood, metals and other materials that are not biodegradable. These are often the hardest to get dispose of, particularly if they are bulky or heavy. With our rubbish removal services, you are assured that all these will be safely removed from your yard, so that you can get back to enjoying your outdoor area.

A Fantastic Space

Once we have cleared all the clutter, there will be so much more that you can do with your garden, and we can help by ensuring you utilise the space optimally. We can revamp the space by laying a lawn, or creating a landscaped area with plants that will give an aesthetic appeal. This transforms what was once not attractive, into a place where the entire family wants to spend more time. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic result?

Increasing Value

When your property looks amazing, it usually also increases in value. Jim’s Mowing can help you to enhance the appearance and worth of your property by removing all unnecessary waste, and then providing lawn mowing and gardening services to bring your garden back to life. If you once had a stunning garden that has been overtaken by rubbish, we will help you get it back to its former glory.

Getting rid of your rubbish is not only time consuming, it can also be heavy work. With the professional services provided by Jim’s Mowing, this overwhelming task can be completed quicker than you think. Even better, you don’t need to worry about purchasing or hiring any additional equipment to dispose of the waste. We’ll provide all of our own equipment, including the transportation needed to dispose of pieces that are bulky. Not only is this particularly cost-effective, it is also a weight off your shoulders.

We are more than happy to do all the work to remove unwanted rubbish, so that you can get on with tasks that you find more pleasing and rewarding. Get in touch with Jim’s Mowing, and you’ll be able to enjoy your space like never before.

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I was very impressed with the service. Coming home to a neatly cut lawn actually lifted my spirit!


Absolutely above and beyond. Brad did an amazing job. Six star service! Would highly recommend. Would hire again if I was still in WA.

Brandy Ryan

5+ Colin is incredible at what he does. Always happy & bubbly & extremely helpful. I recommend Colin to anyone needing their Lawns mowed or gardens maintained within the Bentley area 🙂

Emma Smith

Craig was very friendly to the staff member he met as he arrived early at our premises. Will definitely get him back again if we need mowing done in a hurry.

Denise Rafferty

Always does a great job. A really nice guy too.

Paul Mcalpine

He did a thorough job of mowing, as well as trimming some bushes around our property. Looks good and neat. Looking forward to have him back soon to kill the weeds!

Judith Obai

Excellent to work with, had all the equipment you would need on a 5 acre property.

Mark Kailis

He was so patient and considerate and really listened to what I wanted to achieve long term in the garden. I also felt we were very much on the same page in terms of long term goals. Very friendly and kind plus very competent. Would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Kezi Smith

Bill did a great job with my lawn, he was friendly and offered me advice on how to take care of my lawn, which I really appreciated. He was quick and efficient.


Fantastic, very professional and has always been great when my little boy goes out to see ‘Mr Brett’. Highly recommend!


Not only did he come the day he said he would, he also did the job for me there and then and a great job he did. I have already recommended him to people already.


Marks work was exceptional, so glad that he is now going to be maintaining this property on an ongoing basis. Thank you & thank goodness for Mark.


I found Richard wonderful to deal with. He’s punctual, courteous, very professional and has done an amazing job. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who needs lawn and garden work.


Excellent , friendly service, and great value. Very prompt and professional. They did a very thorough job tidying up afterwards too.


Andy completed all work as quoted and gave helpful recommendations on changes to the retic which he also completed at the same time. Kept in contact to let me know when the work would be done and when completed. Excellent customer service.


Lawn looks incredible! I’ve had a few compliments on it. I wanted it done to surprise my father who tries to do the lawn but has Parkinson’s and isn’t able to do it any more. He loved it. Thank you for fitting me in so quickly.


Mark called me within an hour of me requesting a quote on the website! He came around to give me a price on the same day and came to do the lawns the following weekend. Mark was very helpful and did a fantastic job in the garden. Would highly recommend him.


Good price. Did a superb job and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely continue to use him.


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