If you like the grand look of a manicured garden, with all the plants trimmed and trees pruned, but you lack the skills or motivation to make it happen, Jim’s Mowing can help you.

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Not feeling particularly artistic or creative when it comes to hedge trimming? That’s ok. Just tell us what you want your hedge to look like and we’ll safely and professionally climb, bend, stretch, cut and mould it into shape. If you just know you want it to look neat and tidy, we can handle that too.

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We’ll also bring all of our own equipment, meaning you don’t have to fork out your hard-earned money on gardening tools you hate using.

We don’t just do hedge trimming, we also do tree pruning, which is great news for you, your back and your trees.

You see, tree pruning is not only important for the growth of your trees by stimulating development; it can also help keep your family and property safe during storm season.

Overgrown trees with dead branches can become dangerous airborne weapons during a storm, with the potential to break windows or worse still, hurt someone.

Oversized trees can also clog up your gutter with leaves, giving you another task to complete on the weekend – although your local Jim’s Mowing specialist can take care of gutter cleaning too!

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Our gardening experts can even prune your roses to help them to bloom and flourish next spring. We remove all of the greenwaste so you don’t have to handle any thorny branches or spiky cuttings.

Take the pressure off yourself and have a Jim’s Mowing professional clean up your garden today.

Our prices are really competitive, plus you’ll also have the confidence that we are fully insured whilst working on your property.

If you need your plants to be pruned, trimmed or hedged, and you don’t want to deal with the associated climbing, cutting and waste removal, it’s as easy as calling us for a free quote.

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