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Looking for a way to be paid properly for your work and effort?

An opportunity that gives you flexible hours, massive earning potential and the chance to work on YOUR terms?

If You qualify… a Jim's Mowing Franchise can show You…How to make a Six Figure Income, from an Outdoor 'Hobby' You Love.

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Steps To Buy Franchise

When you join the Jim's Mowing, we can show you how to build a successful franchise as well as a happier balance of work and family. Take these 8 steps to joining Jim's Mowing and you can start taking control of your life.

Step 1

Make Enquiry to get The Franchise Information Kit.

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Step 2

Book a time to have a personal one on one consultation over a coffee with The Franchisor.

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Step 3

Spend a day in the field with a Jim's Mowing Franchise.

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Step 4

Discuss with The Franchisor some business options.

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Step 5

Meet Jim and complete the training course in Melbourne.

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Step 6

ABN, Police Check, PO Box, Bank Account

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Step 7

Organize to have documents issued on the business you wish to purchase.

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Step 8

Sign Up, Start your business & Start earning money from day 1.


Blokes Just Like You


    Previous Job: Logistics Manager

    “Why didn’t I do it sooner? After twenty years of working in the medical industry I enjoyed being able to help people. Jim’s has given me the opportunity to help others while working for myself. Jim’s gave me the training and support that allowed me to look forward to my first day of work with confidence. Jim’s ongoing training and advice has helped to double the size of my business within twelve months. Having access to a large network of contractors has enabled me to help my clients even when I wasn’t able to do the work they wanted. Jim’s has given me a good income and the flexibility to work the hours that I wanted to. My only question is why didn’t I do it sooner!” David McGrath Jim’s Mowing (Leederville)


    Previous Job: Student and Part time Postman

    The Financial Potential is Unbelievable”. I first heard about Jim’s while I was still at university, studying accounting. I never had any previous love for gardening yet alone running my own business but once I looked into a Jim’s Mowing Franchise, I couldn’t turn away. From an accounting perspective, a business with the financial potential that Jim’s has was unbelievable and, given I was fed up working for other people, this was undeniably the right choice for me. I’ve been a Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owner for 2 years and have doubled my client base since starting. I’ve had my ups and downs as any business owner, but I have to say that the good times definitely outweigh the bad. I have become quite the advocate for Jim’s during my time as a Franchise Owner, as I’ve been able to see the system work, and work well. It is not 100% perfect as no system is, but I can only ever see the system being improved from strength to strength and now, 2 years in, I have taken the next step and become the Franchisor for the Western Suburbs. Whether it be a love for the outdoors or running your own business, being a Jim’s Franchise Owner is both rewarding and satisfying. You can choose your own hours and choose what you want to do, from large scale jobs to simply just mowing. Either way, a great lifestyle can be achieved. Give it a go and dare to see how successful you can be.”


    Previous Job: Photographer

    “Before I joined Jim’s I was in photography. I had done that as an employee, then was self- employed. What frustrated me was that the hours didn’t suit family time, as I was doing a lot of weekend and evening work. It was stressful and my income was low, and not where I wanted it to be. I was looking for something that would give me a steady income, that was fexible and was my own business. I didn’t want to just have a job; I wanted a business. I chose Jim’s because it suited my lifestyle. It had fexibility and was close to home. It looked like a stress-free and easy business to run. The business plan was transparent and simple to follow. My accountant checked it out and saw it was a viable business for me. It was a relatively low capital outlay with instant income and minimal overheads. Of course, there is the training at the start and the ongoing support from the Franchisor. What I like the best is that it’s fexible and it’s outdoor work. It’s up to the individual how big or how lucrative you want to make this business. The other thing is that there is minimal paperwork to keep it going. The hardest thing is the physical strain on the body. I am earning surprisingly more than I ever imagined and earning a whole lot more than any of my previous occupations. Work when you want. Where you want. Earn as much as you want. More like a high paid hobby than a job.”


    Previous Job: Plant Nursery Manager

    “I used to manage a wholesale plant nursery and felt I wasn’t being recognised or rewarded for my achievements. I wanted to work for myself and Jim’s seemed a good system. There are no limits to what I can do and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me.”


    Previous Job: Courier Driver​

    "I have been a Franchise Owner for over 17 years and can recommend the financial and lifestyle benefits. From a lifestyle perspective I like to be able to chose when I work and the type of work i do. Also of importance is my fitness. On the financial side, my turnover is approximately $141, 000 with costs of around $25,000 but I work a lot less hours than I used to when I first started."

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