Become a Franchisee

Become a Franchisee

Looking for a way to be paid properly for your work and effort?…

… an opportunity that gives you flexible hours, massive earning potential

and the chance to work on YOUR terms?

If You Qualify… a Jim’s Lawn Mowing Franchise Offers You a…

Secure $100,000+ Income, from an

Outdoor ‘Hobby’ You Love, Working Only When and Where You Choose, and with Full Support from the Largest, Most Respected Garden-Care Franchise in the World…


If you’re looking for more than just a career change – rather a whole lifestyle change – where you choose when and where you work… who you work with… and how many thousands of dollars you make each week… this will be the most interesting and important information you ever read.You see, there’s a small band of super-successful business owners (less than 5% in fact) all around Australia and the world, who secretly make as much as Doctors, Lawyers and top Executives.  And they get paid to do exactly what they love – every day.  In fact, many consider their business to be…

More Like a High-Paid Hobby Than a Job


But that wasn’t always the case.  Before becoming a Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owner, many of them felt stuck in dead-end jobs, working for a boss who didn’t appreciate them — their skills and their hard work.  They were frustrated that somebody else controlled how much they earned.  And they were sick of just scraping by each week.


They hated having to fight traffic and public transport each day, clock on and off when they were told to, and arrive home exhausted… and only barely in time to kiss their children good night.


Do you feel like that sometimes? 


Do you want more?  Are you ready for a change?


Would you like to enjoy the fitness and freedom of an outdoor lifestyle… have flexible hours that you choose… and earn as much money as you and your family want?



Get Your Free Copy And Discover How To Make A Six Figure Income As A Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owner

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That’s what Paul Allison in Applecross does…


“I have been a Franchise Owner for over 7 years and can recommend the financial and lifestyle benefits. From a lifestyle perspective, I like to be able to choose when I work and the type of work I do. Also of importance is my fitness. On the financial side, my turnover is approximately $141,000 with costs of around $25,000.”


The money… the freedom… the potential.  Ben Farnell from West Armadale tells more…


“Before Jim’s I worked as a Supervisor for a large events hire company. I was always working irregular hours to fit in with the business and simply wasn’t earning enough money for the hours I worked. Compared to my previous job I’m making at least twice as much and I can determine the hours I want to work. I have a much better lifestyle compared to my old job, I can work the hours I want to. It’s important to always be focused on the job, moving forward and growing the business.”


And Leigh Brown from Wannanup sums it up perfectly…


“I used to manage a wholesale plant nursery and felt I wasn’t being recognised or rewarded for my achievements. I wanted to work for myself and Jim’s seemed a good system. There are no limits to what I can do and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me.”


No matter what your situation is right now… or how frustrated you feel with your current job or business… a Jim’s Mowing Franchise might be your opportunity to…

  • Make the money you want to make… and…
  • Have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of

That’s why we’ve put together a Free Report:


‘How To Make A Six Figure Income

As A Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owner’

Receiving this report is the first step in discovering if a Jim’s Franchise might be right for you.


But I must tell you, some of the things in this report may surprise you.  It’s not all ‘roses’.  It’s a straight-to-the-point, ‘real’ look inside a Jim’s Mowing Business.  And after reading it, you may decide a Jim’s Franchise is not for you.


You see, owning a Jim’s Franchise is a privilege.  And the current Jim’s Franchisees work hard to protect their investment.  So they don’t just let anyone join.  But if you do like what you see in the report… and you are prepared to work hard… and if you qualify… this just may be the start of something very exciting for you and your family.


When you receive your report you’ll discover…

  • The truth about what Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owners in WA are making.  Exact figures including income and expenses.
  • Details about Jim’s powerful ‘Pay For Work Guarantee’ that ensures you a secure, profitable business and income of at least $1,500 per week — from day one
  • How to get direct access to Jim Penman – the founder and owner of Jim’s Mowing.  Jim is a ‘real’ Australian.  He still works in the business every day.  He loves helping Franchisees and freely gives them his personal email and phone number with an invitation to contact him any time.
  • Why Jim’s Franchisees easily make 30-40% more than other mowing contractors
  • Insider secrets to making more money and higher profits with less time travelling from job to job
  • A powerful strategy many successful Jim’s Franchisees use to get an instant cash windfall of $20,000 or more
  • A detailed list of all the business expenses you’re likely to incur in your first year so you get a ‘real’ idea of what owning a mowing business is all about.  See how much you’ll spend on fuel, vehicle repairs and maintenance, equipment parts, phone bills, tip fees, uniforms, stationary, insurance and franchise fees
  • The incredible marketing system that gives Jim’s Franchisees more work than they can handle.  In fact, more than 3,950 leads were knocked back in 2013-2014 in WA alone.  This is work that you could be paid for… right now
  • The two most common reasons why people buy a Jim’s Mowing Franchise and why 88% have thriving businesses within their first year
  • The many benefits you’ll enjoy as part of the largest Mowing Franchise in the world.  Apart from the incredible support, the powerful marketing system and the instant credibility you’ll get from the Jim’s brand, you’ll save thousands each year as part of the Jim’s Buying Network – get deep discounts on things like equipment, uniforms, finance, insurance… and even phone plans
  • Proven equipment recommendations (mowing, edging and hedging) – brands, models and costs
  • How you can own an already-successful, profitable business immediately
  • How to be up-and-running and ready to make money from day one.  A detailed package of everything you’ll need including trailer, mower, brushcutter, blower, hedge trimmer, safety sign, spray kit, first aid kit, grass bags, insurance and business registration
  • The amazing Jim’s Computer System that lets you choose the times, days and areas you want to work
  • Jim’s  training system that’s second-to-none and incorporates everything you need to know to run a successful business including lawn care, how to quote, business development, sales techniques, creating work, time management, physiology of grass types, small equipment maintenance, business planning, bookkeeping, insurance requirements and more
  • The unusual ‘peer’ support system that gives you practical, helpful advice from hundreds of experienced Jim’s business owners (just like you) from all over Australia
  • The Mentor System that gives you specific help to succeed
  • Opportunities to help other Jim’s Mowing Franchisees and advance your business interests as a future Group Franchisor
  • The potential to earn unlimited income, both in mowing and other service areas, as Jim’s brand continues to extend and is becoming a leader in other categories

This report will answer all your questions and give you a true idea of what owning a Jim’s business is really like.  But what if you’re thinking…


Maybe I Could Do It By Myself

As An Independent


You’re not alone.  Many people who consider a Jim’s Mowing Franchise also ‘toy’ with the idea of starting up as an independent mowing contractor so they can save on franchise fees.  But when they read the report, ‘How To Make A Six Figure Income As A Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owner’, they soon discover, as an independent you

  • Have to pay top dollar for all your equipment without the buying power of the Jim’s Group (probably worth tens of thousands of dollars in the set up stage alone)
  • Bear the cost and frustration of having to work out all the systems alone – including difficult things like legal requirements that could end up costing everything if you get it wrong
  • Have to operate without any brand identity and spend years building trust in the marketplace
  • Have limited earning potential without the expansion opportunities of the Jim’s Business Group
  • Scrounge for customers from day one without the support of Jim’s Marketing Systems supplying ready-to-buy leads every week
  • Rely on your own resources with no ‘Pay For Work Guarantee’ to see you through your start-up period. Risk everything as you struggle to learn hard lessons without being able to benefit from the ‘expensive’ experience of others who have already had these problems and solved them
  • Have nobody to call when you have a problem
  • Probably earn a lot less money (Jim’s Mowing Franchisees typically earn 30-40% more than independent mowing contractors)
  • Have more risk and a greater chance of failure (88% of Jim’s Mowing Franchisees have a thriving business within 12 months – that’s quite a contrast to the dreadful failure rate of only 30% survival for typical businesses in Australia)

Quite frankly, as an independent mowing contractor, you will spend a lot more in higher costs and avoidable mistakes than Jim’s modest franchise fee.  And when you consider the survival rate statistics in the lawn care industry, it’s just not worth it.


There’s no doubt – most of our Franchisees had some doubts in the beginning.  But like Steve Zines in Menora, they’re glad they made the decision to find out more.


“Work when you want. Where you want. Earn as much as you want. More like a high paid hobby than a job.”


And Josh O’Keefe from Hillarys…


“The Financial Potential is Unbelievable”.  I first heard about Jim’s while I was still at university, studying accounting. I never had any previous love for gardening yet alone running my own business but once I looked into a Jim’s Mowing Franchise, I couldn’t turn away. From an accounting perspective, a business with the financial potential that Jim’s has was unbelievable and, given I was fed up working for other people, this was undeniably the right choice for me. I’ve been a Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owner for 2 years and have doubled my client base since starting. I’ve had my ups and downs as any business owner, but I have to say that the good times definitely outweigh the bad. I have become quite the advocate for Jim’s during my time as a Franchise Owner, as I’ve been able to see the system work, and work well. It is not 100% perfect as no system is, but I can only ever see the system being improved from strength to strength and now, 2 years in, I have taken the next step and become the Franchisor for the Western Suburbs. Whether it be a love for the outdoors or running your own business, being a Jim’s Franchise Owner is both rewarding and satisfying. You can choose your own hours and choose what you want to do, from large scale jobs to simply just mowing. Either way, a great lifestyle can be achieved. Give it a go and dare to see how successful you can be.”


But as I said at the beginning of this message,

a Jim’s Mowing Business is NOT for everyone.

You should only order this Free Report if…

  • You are ready to take control of your work hours and restore flexibility to your lifestyle
  • You are prepared to work hard and earn as much money as you and your family want
  • You like the idea of working in the beautiful, Australian outdoors and making money with a business you consider to be more like a high-paid ‘hobby’ than a job
  • You love meeting and interacting with friendly customers who appreciate your hard work
  • You enjoy the satisfaction of a ‘job well done’
  • You feel ready to take responsibility for your future and excited about both the immediate and long-term income possibilities within the Jim’s Mowing Group

Please do NOT order this report if you are dishonest or if you have unrealistic expectations of making a million dollars without some hard work.  The Jim’s opportunity is definitely NOT a get-rich-quick type of deal.  It’s a sensible, service-based business with a proven track record and exciting growth opportunities for the future.


However, if you think this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for – hoping for – order above and we’ll rush a copy straight to your inbox (and your mailbox) and then we’ll be in touch to answer your questions and help you find out all you need.  But, we don’t promise you anything.  Remember, our selection criteria is tough.  Jim’s Franchisees are very protective about our valuable brand and we only want sincere, enthusiastic people as part of our group.  You might not be accepted.


But if you think you qualify, and you really would like to make an exciting change in your career – in your life —  order your Free Report right now while this is on your mind.  The next step is a request for information only.  It does not obligate you in any way.


I look forward to talking with you and perhaps welcoming you as a Jim’s Mowing Business Owner.  And helping you and your family enjoy a happy, profitable career as part of Jim’s family.



Jim’s Mowing WA.

P.S.  If there’s one comment I hear from successful Jim’s Franchisees it’s this…


“I just wish I’d joined Jim’s years ago!”


“Why didn’t I do it sooner? After twenty years of working in the medical industry I enjoyed being able to help people. Jim’s has given me the opportunity to help others while working for myself. Jim’s gave me the training and support that allowed me to look forward to my first day of work with confidence. Jim’s ongoing training and advice has helped to double the size of my business within twelve months. Having access to a large network of contractors has enabled me to help my clients even when I wasn’t able to do the work they wanted. Jim’s has given me a good income and the flexibility to work the hours that I wanted to. My only question is why didn’t I do it sooner!” David McGrath Jim’s Mowing (Leederville)

So if you think you are at all interested, be sure to request your Free Report:  ‘How To Make A Six Figure Income As A Jim’s Mowing Franchise Owner’, by clicking here now.  Remember, neither you nor Jim’s are obligated to go any further – this is simply an information request.  But it just might be the thing that sets you on the path to a whole new life of adventure.

If you are feeling uncertain, don’t request this information today.  Wait until you are feeling frustrated again with your current situation.  Wait until your boss gets you down or the traffic gets the better of you.  Wait until the next time you wish you could buy something for your family but can’t afford it.  But be sure to ‘bookmark’ this page so you can come back to it and order the report when you’re ready.  Or you could just go ahead and request it now by filling the above form.