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  • Do you love the crisp scent of a freshly mowed lawn and a pleasing well landscaped garden? At Jim’s Mowing WA, we also love the smooth finish of a stunning lawn and the immaculate beauty of a well manicured garden, and that is exactly what we offer.

  • Welcome to our site, the only space that you need for all your lawn mowing and garden needs. Jim’s Mowing was founded by Jim Penman in Melbourne, in 1982. Jim had a dream to create stunning lawns and gardens, and a small investment of $24 in his pocket. With an incredible sense of passion, drive and motivation, he conquered the lawn mowing market in Melbourne with Jim’s Mowing, and today the company also operates from Perth, in Western Australia.

  • The reason that Jim’s Mowing continues to grow from strength to strength is the fact that the company has never lost sight of its primary goal, and that is to take excellent care of everything that your lawn and garden needs in Perth and WA. We offer lawn mowing, gardening services, gutter cleaning and rubbish removal, from a team of professionals who are based in Perth and throughout WA. Our franchise owners have a love for lawn mowing and gardening, turning a fantastic hobby into a business that gives commercial benefits. We understand that when our Western Australia franchise owners love what they do, you will see the passion in both their efforts and their results.

  • Whenever you find yourself up against a challenge in your garden; whether you are stuck with ideas for design, or your plants need professional care to increase their productivity, that’s the right time to call our Jim’s Mowing team in Perth WA, who can provide a top class lawn mowing and gardening service.

  • We are here to offer you professional services with your lawn and your overgrown garden. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know what it’s like to live your dream and have the image of your perfect garden brought to life.

  • With decades of hands-on experience in lawn mowing and gardening, you are assured that at Jim’s Mowing Perth, we pay attention to detail. Furthermore, we will share essential lawn mowing and gardening tips with you, to give you the knowledge about caring for your plants and how to keep them healthy; as well as achieving a beautiful weed-free lawn and garden.

  • Our trained and experienced team deliver satisfactory gardening services. We can tidy up your garden in a way that your rose bushes, topiaries, and fruit trees maintain their best shape. We have the right tools and the finest gardeners in Western Australia. With our rubbish removal services, you need not to worry about the status of your company after gardening. We clear all the rubbish once we are done with the gardening tasks.

  • Caring for the environment is amongst our priorities, so you can be sure that we use the best quality lawn and plants; and all of our processes and products are eco-friendly. We are proud to offer world-class customer service to all our clients, by being professional, knowledgeable, polite and courteous while addressing your personal needs. We strive to communicate effectively and to provide an array of outstanding services, such as lawn mowing, gardening, rubbish removal, gutter cleaning, hedging, pruning and mulching that will by far exceed your expectations.

  • Our rubbish removal service takes the stress out of working out what to do with all your hard or green rubbish in a very cost effective way so you can regain the use of your backyard, garden and lawn.

  • Our gutter cleaning service will ensure that your blocked gutters are cleaned without a mess or damaging your roof or gutters.

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removal

We do all the work and then undertake a thorough clean up at the completion of the work to ensure that you regain the use of your garden and yard. We will take care of both hard and green waste and this service is an extremely cost effective solution for your clean up needs.

Hedging & Pruning

Hedging & Pruning

Careful and regular hedging, pruning and trimming of your garden is essential to its maintenance and includes roses, plants, shrubs, fruit trees and small trees. This service also includes the removal of small shrubs and trees. For large jobs your local Jim can arrange for a tree specialist to undertake this task. All services and prices quoted include the removal of all cuttings.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters need to be cleared regularly to avoid water build up and overflow that caused damage to your roof and house. Navigating your way around gutters can be dangerous and you may risk damage to the roof itself. Our staff have the equipment and training that will ensure that your gutters are cleaned quickly without leaving a mess or damaging your roof or gutters.

Garden Care

Garden Care

A well maintained garden provides a great look and feel to any home and increases the appeal of your property. We can tailor a garden maintenance program to suit your garden’s needs or simply provide a once off visit.

Commercial Customers

Commercial Customers

Jim’s Mowing looks after many commercial properties, and our franchise owners have the equipment to handle any size job. We can even supply a ride-on mower when required.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Professional lawn mowing by Jim’s Mowing provides the best possible finish for your lawn. We will also include edging of your lawn area and make sure that we’re particularly careful around garden borders, trees and other garden features. Your local Jim can assist with your lawn care through weed and pest control, top dressing, fertilizing, aeration, vertimowing, coring, turf laying and turf repair. Ride on mowing is available for all properties and slashing is also available for larger properties.

Since we’ve perfected the formula for lawn mowing and gardening, Jim’s Mowing Perth is willing to share the secrets of our lawn mowing business in Perth to give other professional gardeners in Western Australia the chance to capitalize on their skills and talents. That is why we provide the lawn mowing franchise opportunity for you to join our team in WA as a franchise owner. We are currently the largest, most respected lawn care business franchise in the world and amongst the fastest growing in WA.

In addition to helping sharpen all your gardening and lawn mowing skills, we also offer you continued lawn care business training and support through active field trainers and seminars, so that your road to success is smooth. All our lawn mowing franchise owners in Perth and Western Australia are trained in customer service skills, to improve their communication and elevate customer satisfaction. You are guaranteed work from the day that you choose to be a lawn mowing franchise owner for Jim’s Mowing in Western Australia.

Invest in Jim’s Mowing WA and rest assured that all your lawn mowing and gardening issues are taken care of. And as a trusted, respected and recognized brand we will help you do what you enjoy the most. At Jim’s Mowing, Need it Done? Jim’s the One!


The Australian market provides a tremendous ground floor growth opportunity for enterprising franchisees in an industry where service is often the exception, rather than the rule.


Founded by Jim Penman in the leafy northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia in 1982 with $24 in his pocket.


Jim’s Mowing Australia is part of the fastest growing franchise groups in the world.


Having well trained franchisees is an important priority at Jim’s Mowing. Your first exposure to us is through our Field Trainers. Your training and is ongoing in seminar and workshop formats.


One of the unique features of the Jim’s Mowing system is our Work Availability Guarantee, which is available to you from day one.


The guaranteed ability to work 12 months of the year, even in the harsh Australian winter, with training, head office support and a computerized management system on your side.


Word of mouth referrals are integral to growing your business. The Jim’s brand is easily recognized and promoted by the smiling face on trailers, uniforms and promotional materials.


This is a job you will enjoy. You are invited to email, call or come in to our office to find out more about Jim’s Mowing and to ask any questions on how we operate and how you can join the fun!

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