Garden Care

Garden Care

A well maintained garden provides a great look and feel to any home and increases the appeal of your property. We can tailor a garden maintenance program to suit your garden’s needs or simply provide a once off visit.

Our gardening care and maintenance services incorporate all aspects of gardening:

  • Garden Care, weed and pest control, landscaping,
  • irrigation system installation and repairs,
  • drought tolerant gardens,
  • trimming and hedging,
  • mulching,
  • lawn restoration and repair, and
  • general garden clean up

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Garden clean ups are great for tenants moving out of a rental property or property owners wishing to attract tenants.

For all your Garden Care & Maintenance needs, call  and one of our friendly customer service staff will assist you with your enquiry.


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Gardening for relaxing.

Gardening and lawn mowing are profitable hobbies. It has a wonderful power of relaxing our minds. It is a part of horticulture. It can be introduced as growing and cultivating plants in a systematic manner. It can be done by a normal person or a specialized person. It is different from farming. It has been a good past time since our ancient time. If we look at the history of gardening. It has a long history. It was started as forest gardening. Some useful trees and vine species were grown there while the undesirable species were eliminated. Earlier the home gardens were self-sufficient. The hanging garden of Babylon which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is a perfect example for ancient gardening. Everyone is spellbound to see the marvelous landscaping in that wonderful creation. That is the very reason, it was declared as of the seven wonders in the world.

There are more than enough evidences to prove that our ancestors had given much priority for gardening in their lives by lawn mowing and keeping the garden in good shape.

Love the hobby.

Gradually gardening has been improvised today it has reached to its maximum. Some rich people started gardening for aesthetic purposes. Especially the nature lovers who consider trees as a part and parcel of their lives pay much attention on gardening .They like to maintain their gardens to the maximum level by spending a lot of money including lawn mowing. People like to enjoy the idealist view of nature by maintaining well organized gardens. The physiological satisfaction which enhances the health of human beings has a close relationship with gardening.

There are various types of gardening. Among them the most common and popular type is Residential gardening also lawn mowing. These gardens are located on the lands near homes, on the roof, in the balcony etc. A variety of ornamental plants, foliage, flower plants, exotic plants, vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, shrubs, vines are grown in these home gardens picturesquely. This gardening is done as a relaxing activity more than an economic activity. There are fountains, pools, hedges which give an added value for these gardens. The gardeners engage in gardening with much enthusiasm, in order to maintain a good health because they are aware of that gardening is a good exercise. Just a glance at a beautiful plants and its blossoms can do a special change in the human mind. All of know that there is a healthy mind in a healthy body. Indoor gardening is specially done for mental satisfaction and to add beauty to the home. It is a past time. When we engage in Gardening we can forget sorrows and sufferings. It has a wonderful mind healing power. Not only the mind but also the body can be kept sound by engaging in gardening. The specialists in medicine have exaggerated the importance of maintaining a well-kept home garden for some diseases like cancer hypotension, diabetics and some mentally disorders. Gardening can be introduced as a source of Health, Wealth and Pleasure. Now the specialists in gardening are available. They enrich with latest gardening equipment methods. They are aware of arranging the garden in the most suitable manner to enrich the appearance of the place.

Start lawn mowing

Before making your garden and start lawn mowing, a garden plan is a must. There should be allocations for various plants and type of the grass for lawn mowing when maintaining.

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Now a day’s organic gardening is becoming much popular. People have understood the bad effects of consuming vegetables, fruits, grains and green leaves which are grown using chemical fertilizer. It has been a cause for various deadly deceases. Home gardening is an ideal remedy for the skyrocketing cost of living. Maintaining a small plot of land for gardening is ideal for a family. If we can grow vegetables, fruits and green leaves in home gardens for daily consumption, it would be a vast benefit. We can assure the purity of them. When we reap the harvest, we can’t even think about the self-satisfaction we get. It’s priceless. Now gardening has become a necessity than a hobby. Maintaining a well-kept lawn, by lawn mowing at the time it needed to be enhances the beauty of a garden.

If you are interested in gardening , you must have a sound knowledge about the plants, getting the correct way of sunlight, supplying shade for particular plants, suitable manure the correct time and the quantity of manure to be used ,weeding ,weedicides and pesticides the amount of water required etc. Some exclusive plants have special requirements for their growth. If we use excess water or fertilizer the plant can be rotten. A well maintained hedge and a foot path play important roles in gardening. Some prefer one type of plants where as some prefer different types of plants in their home gardens.

Container gardening has become much popular now because of the limited space available There is a wide range of modern accessories and plants available in the market now. A bench, a food table for birds also enhances the beauty of a garden. A well planned and well maintained garden enhances the personality of the gardener. There are a number of on line gardening services available for your convenience.

When we talk about the ancient gardens, we can’t forget about the cottage gardens during the Elizabethan times. They were full of fruits and herbs. The gardening was done by the workers who lived in cottages in villages.

Gardening also takes place in non-residential green areas, such as parks and botanical gardens. They attract tourists and have become a money spinner. A well-kept garden is a must for a tourist hotel. It promotes the rich look of the place. Highly qualified staff of gardeners or ground keepers have the responsibility of maintaining them properly.

Indoor gardening has become very common in the modern world. Orchids, gladiolus, cactus, ferns, roses and some other exclusive foliage enrich the beauty of indoor gardens. Here plant care is essential.

Jim's lawn mowing

Native plant gardening is also another important part of gardening. Here the native plants are used for the specific purpose. It increases the native faunal interest. Due to poaching, endemic species of several plants are facing the threat of extinction. In such a situation, this native plant gardening place a vital role. Tress are one of the facts which reveals the history of the country. Therefore protecting endemic plants by native plant gardening is admirable. It should be appreciated by everyone.

In gardening, a lot of natural resources can be used to uplift the beauty of the place. Bamboo containers, Coconut husks, Ropes, Clay pots can be found easily without spending a lot of money. Now a days they have become a modern style. Especially the Eco-friendly people always give much priority for these natural products, as the environmental pollution has become an acute problem in the modern world.

Due to the rapid increase of global warming people will have to suffer a lot in the future. The heat will become unbearable due to the damaged Ozone layer. Hence, the value of greenery will be a massive impact. It will be helpful immensely. In that case, a well-kept garden can do wonders. Beautiful gardens with perfect lawn mowing is the crown of all.

When people engage in gardening, their minds will be peaceful. The greenery is enriched with such magical powers. In a highly corrupted society like today, peace and harmony are essential. Automatically people will become united. The society will become peaceful. Now we can understand the importance of gardening. If we say that gardening is a method of meditation, to a certain extent we are correct. When we admire the beauty of a garden, all the evil thoughts are eradicated. You will become pleasant. You will become educated, you can be prominent among others. The world will become a pleasant place to live in.

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