Winter Garden Craft Ideas for Kids

Engaging children in activities all around the house is always a fun and rewarding way to spend the time. Not only will the whole family learn new things about their home, but there will also be plenty of opportunities for the children to exert their energy and demonstrate their creativity toward making simple items and performing easy tasks that could prove to be useful to the household.

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The garden is one of the best places to start projects for the children to immerse themselves in. But while planting seeds and tending to flowers, vegetables and trees are common activities, there’s no reason to limit their projects to these. There’s always the option of making crafts, especially during the winter — it’s the best time to prepare simple supplies or accessories that can be used in the garden once spring rolls around.

Eager to get started? Here are some winter garden craft ideas for kids (and for parents) that everyone will be sure to enjoy.

Creating plant labels

If you’ve got seeds already sown, you’ll need a way to identify which plots contain which seeds. All you need are some popsicle sticks and markers or paint to write out the plant names and perhaps assign a specific color for each plant.

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Decorate pots and planters

Plants can thrive just as well in pots and planters as on the ground itself, and you can add a pretty touch to the garden by decorating them. Let the kids doodle on them or color them all over in their favourite colours.

Build a scarecrow

Vegetable gardens are highly attractive to birds, and you would want to keep them away to prevent damage to your crops — without harming the birds, of course. A scarecrow is a safe solution, and the kids will have fun making it, too. Just tie two garden stakes together to form a cross, surround them with straw stuffing, and dress it up with an old shirt, pants and a hat. Add details like buttons for eyes to make it look more lifelike (to the birds).


Create alternative planters

Many items that can securely hold soil can serve as planters for a garden. You and the kids can make pots from old newspapers moulded into pots, plastic soda bottles, or even gumboots.

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Make a grass head

Help the kids draw faces on hard boiled eggs and scoop out their contents. The empty shells can now be filled with damp cotton wool and some grass seed. Remember to keep the wool moist; in two weeks, the eggs will have a healthy head of green grass “hair.”

grass head

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