Are You Trimming the Grass Too Short?

You may think that staying on top of your lawn mowing duties by mowing frequently automatically makes you a really good turf curator. However, did you know that there is such a thing as cutting your lawn too short, which means that you’re actually doing more harm than good.

But are you trimming the grass too short? What is too short, anyway?

grass too short

Too short” is generally about an inch. It doesn’t matter if you’re from a really warm region of Oz or not—an inch of grass is too short. So, what’s the issue if you do cut your lawn too short when it actually looks quite nice?

  • Grass that is too short is easily stressed out and is very prone to wilting, especially when the weather in warmer weather.   This then requires that you are more diligent with watering and fertilising to boost its growth because the cuts need more time to heal. That’s a lot of work that’s not really necessary.
  • If you cut your grass too short, it becomes less impervious to pest problems. When those tiny grass-eaters attack, you can bet it’ll be so much more difficult to resolve the problem. In some situations, this can mean you will need to install new turf because pests deplete the nutrients that are essential for grass to healthily thrive.
  • Really short grass tends to promote the growth of weeds as well. Weeds will easily rob grass of important nutrients, and over time, there’ll be more ugly weeds than grass in your lawn.

So, what to do? Jim’s Mowing experts recommend letting grass grow to up to 8-9 centimetres, particularly at the start of spring. Tall grass will grow deep roots, it can access water better, it will not wilt easily when it gets incredibly hot out, and it is simply more resilient. Additionally, taller grass can help prevent weeds from taking root.

The shortest that you should cut your grass is 4 centimetres, which you can do during the rainy season. Ideally, maintain the height of your lawn to 5 or 6 centimetres — it will not only look polished, but it will also stay healthy.

If the idea of maintaining the ideal height for your turf is stressing you out, now that you’ve learned that cutting too short does more harm than good, you can take the convenient route by entrusting the mowing job to pros who have the right equipment for precise cuts. They’ll do a perfect job of it and even provide you valuable advice on how to better care for your lawn.

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