How Clean Are Your Gutters?

Until they notice a problem, many homeowners don’t get their gutters cleaned until there is a noticable issue. Sadly, that is kind of like waiting to reduce your cholesterol until after you have had a heart attack.

Gutters often go overlooked – with so many other things to address, and who likes to climb up ladders unless you have to anyway?  However, ensuring gutters are properly maintained is an interal part of home maintenance.


By the time a problem is apparent, there can be so much rubbish and debris clogging the gutters that it can literally start hanging off the roof, further sabotaging efforts to ensure water drainage flows away from your home.  Clogged gutters can result in damage to fascia, drainpipes, roofing, or even create water leaks inside your home.  And this is before the impact of water damage on the foudnations of your home – which should be avoided at all costs.

There are many benefits to regular gutter cleaning:

  • prevents water and storm damage to your home
  • avoids the creation of nesting areas for termites, birds, mosquitoes, and other insects
  • prevents destruction of landscaping
  • avoids build up of combustable material – critical in high fire danger areas.
  • helps maintain value and beauty of your home

Try to schedule regular gutter cleaning services at least twice per year -ideally in spring before the storm season hits; and again during autumn to remove leaves from seasonal trees.

Schedule a regular gutter cleaning services so that you don’t have to think about it again, and your home will be well protected in all weather conditions.

Need Help?

If you would like help cleaning your gutters, please call Jim’s Mowing on 131 546 or book a gutter cleaning service online.