Got Junk?

Get your yard back and clear out all that rubbish – you will be amazed at just what an impact this will have on the space you gain back to enjoy with friends and family again.

Without realizing it, many people allow things to start piling up in their yards quite innocently. And yet before long, the things that were “temporarily” stored have accumulated. And more added besides. And yet they never do quite get around to putting that old Victorian seat back together that they picked up from that roadside hard rubbish p


rubbish removal

And before they know it, they have junk piled up so high in their backyards that it can be seen on Google Earth!

Inadvertently, many people stop socializing at home as much because they are embarrassed by the growing mess.  They would not feel comfortable inviting people over for a backyard bbq given the mess out there.  This can even have a flow on effect to friends and family, who can often feel a little rejected if they are never invited over, or if they are always left to play host instead.

Piles of rubbish are unhygienic – not just in the mould that can accumulate, but also in the vermin, pests, snakes and other bugs it might play host to.

Cleaning up the rubbish might enable much of the goods to be donated to people in need – you only have to think of the many natural disasters that have occurred either via floods, bushfires or drought to realize how many people might benefit from that chest of drawers that you are not using. Many materials can be recycled via scrap metal yards, clippings can be mulched and

More importantly for you, and your friends and family, you will have a much bigger space to get out and enjoy some backyard cricket, a bbq or two or may be even indulge that green thumb and start a vegie patch.

And of course there is the financial benefits as well. A thorough clean up of any property can dramatically boost valuations, and increase curb appeal to potential buyers and renters alike.

Need Help?

If you have need help cleaning up your yard and getting rid of rubbish fast, contact Jim’s Mowing on 131 546 or book a free rubbish removal quote online.