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Jim’s Mowing Wollongong Central, NSW
A Jim since July 2009
The Sky’s the Limit ...

In early 2009 my wife and I decided that it was time for a career change, we always spoke of owning our own business but had just never got there. After looking at a number of business options we, decided on Jim's Mowing.

We started our Jim's Mowing Business in July 2009 by purchasing a "split", as this was our first ever business venture it gave us a base to work with and allowed us time to settle into owning and operating our own business. We had set business goals that we wanted to achieve as the business was going to support two households, and have the ability to expand, particularly during the Summer months.

With the support of the Jim's Group, in the way of "Jims Jobs", timely advice, and self advertisement our business rapidly expanded. Within a 6 month period our Jim's Mowing business went from an initial turnover of $35,000 per annum to $170,000 per annum. We currently have two teams operating, one full time and one part time until the end of each Summer.

To say that I am happy with the decision to buy a Jims Mowing business is an understatement, I have lost all my excess weight, my tan has returned, and I am enjoying the outdoors again.

I happy with my decision to wear the Jim's uniform, you bet I am!